Code of Ethics

This Code of Ethics serves as our guideline for professional conduct in our firm. It underscores our commitment to integrity, professionalism, and the highest standard of service delivery.


This Code applies to every director, employee, consultant and sub-contractor carrying out work for or on behalf of DOS & Co.

Quality of Service

We strive for excellence in the quality of services provided, ensuring that they meet or exceed client expectations and industry standards a tall times.



  • uphold the highest standards of professionalism, honesty and ethical conduct in all interactions;

  • ensure transparency and accuracy in all communications, reporting and documentation; and

  • never accept commissions, kick-backs or introducer's fees, whether legal or illegal, and always account to our clients for any such commission, rebate or similar - our integrity when making introductions is not for sale.

Client Confidentiality


  • safeguard all client information, ensuring that it remains confidential and is not disclosed without proper authorisation or as otherwise required by law; and

  • use client information solely for the purposes for which it was provided and in accordance with applicable laws and professional standards.

Conflicts of Interest


  • identify and disclose any actual, potential or perceived conflicts of interest to relevant parties in a timely manner;

  • declare any active conflicts to our clients without undue delay; and

  • take necessary steps to manage or resolve conflicts of interests, ensuring fairness and objectivity in all professional details.

Continuous Professional Development


  • maintain and enhance professional competence by pursuing ongoing learning and professional development opportunities; and

  • stay updated on industry standards, regulations and best practices to ensure high-quality service delivery.

Professional Independence

We maintain professional independence in judgements and recommendations, ensuring objectivity and impartiality.

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