Working From Home

This policy exists to promote environmental responsibility and reduce the environmental impact of our operations while employees are working from home.


This policy applies to all employees working from home for DOS & Co.

General Principles

  • Energy Efficiency: We encourage the use of energy-efficient appliances, equipment and lighting.

  • Resource Conservation: We promote the prudent use of resources including paper, water and electricity.

  • Waste Management: We encourage recycling and the responsible disposal of waste.

Practical Considerations

  • Only heat those rooms in your home that you need to heat if you are working from home during the winter, and only cool those rooms that you need to cool if you are working from home in the summer.

  • Use natural light and ventilation to reduce the need for artificial heating and cooling.

  • Dress appropriately for the weather to reduce your reliance on artificial heating and cooling (NB - if you are speaking with a client over video, at least your top half should be in smart business dress).

  • Turn off all lights, appliances and electronic devices when they are not in use.

  • Opt for digital documents and communication to reduce paper usage.

  • If printing is necessary, use double-sided printing and recycle your used paper. If you need additional recycled paper for printing, please take some from the office.

  • Separate your recyclables from your general waste and use local recycling facilities. If you don't have local recycling facilities and it is convenient to do so, you may bring your recyclables to the office for recycling.

  • Do not bin confidential client documentation in your regular household bin - bring it to the office to be confidentially shredded. If you envisage a large volume of confidential information requiring shredding, we can arrange for a collection from your home.

  • If travel is necessary, please remember the Sustainable Travel Policy.

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