Internal Promotion Policy

We are committed to fostering career development and leadership from within by prioritising internal promotions for senior positions.


This policy applies to all employees and all departments within the DOS & Co. Group.

General Principles

We aim to foster a motivated, loyal and skilled workforce by adhering to the following general principles:

  • Career Advancement: We encourage a culture of continuous learning and professional growth to prepare employees for higher responsibilities;

  • Skill Recognition: We acknowledge and leverage the existing skills, knowledge and experience of our workforce.

  • Engagement and Retention: We enhance employee engagement and retention by providing clear paths for career advancement.

Internal Promotion Procedures

Whenever a senior position becomes vacant, or a new position is created, we will consider internal candidates as a primary source of recruitment. In addition:

  • Job Posting: All senior vacancies will be advertised internally before any external advertising is undertaken. Existing employees will be given a window to apply.

  • Eligibility Criteria: The eligibility criteria for senior positions, including the required skills, experience and performance standards, will be clearly set out.

  • Application Process: We will provide a clear and transparent application process for all interested candidates.

Selection Process

Internal candidates will be assessed based on their performance, skills, qualifications and potential to take on higher responsibilities.

We will conduct interviews to evaluate the suitability and readiness of internal candidates for senior positions, and provide constructive feedback to all candidates regardless of the outcome.

Development & Training

All of our employees are encouraged to seek training and development programmes to equip them with the necessary relevant skills and knowledge to enable their career advancement.

We also encourage mentorship programmes to prepare employees for senior roles, providing them with guidance, training, support and insights into higher-level responsibilities.

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