Sustainable Travel Policy

Our Climate Change Policy and our commitments to sustainable business require us to reduce our travel wherever possible. When work travel is still required, this sustainable travel policy applies.

The objective of this policy is to promote sustainable travel choices among our colleagues; to reduce our carbon footprint and to contribute to local community sustainability.


This policy applies to all employees or anyone booking travel on behalf of any employees or for DOS & Co. business.

General Principles

  • Is your travel necessary? Encourage virtual meetings and remote collaborations wherever possible to minimise the need for travel.

  • How are you getting there? Favour public transportation, taxi-sharing, cycling and walking for local travel.

  • Low-Emission vehicles - if you are taking a taxi or using a car service, always choose the electric or low-emission option.

Air Travel

While our goal is to reduce our travel footprint wherever possible, the global spread of our clients means that air travel will still sometimes be necessary. Our specific policy on air travel is:

  • Favour auto-offset airlines: easyJet already offsets all of its carbon emissions and is our default airline of choice for short-haul flights. If easyJet is available on your route within your travel time window, you must prioritise using it.

  • Offset wherever possible: if you are offered the opportunity to offset your emissions as part of the booking process, take the option. If you are not, please refer your booking information to the accounts department so that it can be offset separately.


Where possible, favour environmentally-conscious accommodation options that have established environmental practices. Consider the following:

  • If the accommodation offers the option for you to recycle towels, please do so as much as you feel comfortable to do; and

  • Similarly, unless your sheets actually need to be cleaned, please consider leaving the card on the bed that says not to strip and clean them - they will still make your bed beautifully.

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